Crossword Mania

Crossword Mania
Crossword Mania is a Word Search game where one has to find words in the given grid. It is different from typical Word Search games as here there is no words given. Generally in the word search puzzles, Words which can be found on the grid will be given, but in this game one has to use its vocabulary to find different words on the grid. Words can be found in any directions i.e. Left to Right, Up to Down, Diagonally or in the reverse direction also. 
Bigger the words found, more you will score. Also bigger words can completely overlap smaller words e.g. 'SIMPLY' will completely overwrite 'SIM'. One can get score for both if smaller word is make first and then bigger word. 
There are more than 150,000 words to find out and every time a new game is started. You can also change the look of the game. 

Crossword Mania Crossword Mania Reviewed by Rajesh Kumar on June 16, 2013 Rating: 5
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