Saturday, April 25, 2020

Color Mixing (Fun Educational Game)

Color Mixing (Fun Educational Game)
As an assistant to a notable painter, your task is to create the required colours by mixing the given colours, and you need to do so by using additive or subtractive methods. The former method involves the mixing of light in which the colours are added up, for example, when red light and green light combine, the yellow light is produced. The other method involves the mixing of paints in which some colours are selectively removed, for example, when yellow paint is mixed with cyan paint, the green paint is formed. In each question, you will be shown a colour, and you need to click the corresponding primary colours, then click the OK button that appears on the right of the screen. The time you have spent will be counted at the top, and if you take too long to answer a question, you can receive no score even if your answer is correct. Complete all 20 questions in a swift manner to win the praise of the master!

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