The Alchemist (Educational Game to learn basics of Chemistry as Fun Game)

The Alchemist (Educational Game to learn basics of Chemistry in Fun Game)
Here is a very nice game to learn the basics of Chemistry as a Fun Game.
The chemistry was not my favourite subject as I could not found much fun in Chemistry as it was in solving Mathematics Problems or Logical Problems. Before discovering this game, I never thought that Chemistry could be so much fun. People love to play Candy Crush. This game is similar to Candy Crush. The difference is that in this game you have to form Chemical formulas of the molecules to discover the elements. In this game, you will be given atoms of Oxygen (O), Carbon (C) and Hydrogen (H). Using these atoms you have to create Water, Carbon dioxide, methane and diamond by putting the atoms in a sequence. These sequences will be given and shown to you before the start of the game. In each round, you will be given a specific target to complete these molecules in a given time.
Let us see how many molecules you can form before your time and game is over.

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