Monday, February 15, 2021

Montris Game

Montris Game
Your favourite arcade classic has come back to life and is waiting for your challenge! In the game of Montris, your goal is to rotate the groups of blocks so that they fill the rows in the play area and then be destroyed. When the game starts, a group of blocks will descend from the top of the play area, and the next group will be displayed at the top left corner of the play area for your reference. Immediately after you start the Montris Game, instruction to play this game is given. Montris Game is part of Online Action Games.

Montris Game tests your observational and motion skills. This game tests how quickly you can visualise a situation and then how quickly you react to that situation to get the best results. If you liked this game, then you should checkout below listed Fun Picture Puzzles and Brain Teasers which will help you to enhance your observational skills.

List of Fun Picture Puzzles and Brain Teasers

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