Tapa: Online Board Game

Tapa: Online Board Game
One of the best ways to win on the board is to trap your opponent so that he can do nothing but to witness your victory. Showcase your strategic talent in Tapa, in which your goal is to move your black pieces in a counterclockwise direction until they are all placed in your home board at the lower right region, then remove all of your pieces before the computer does so. Instructions to play this Tapa game are given once you start the game. 
Tapa is a game of luck, strategy, and right calculation. Do check out some brain teasers which will interest you if you love to play Tapa.

List of Puzzles and Brain Teasers

  1. Mathematics Equations Circle Picture Puzzles for Kids with answers: These are very interesting Circle Equation puzzles in which your challenge is to correct the equations by putting the correct operators in the equations.
  2. Quick Solving Maths Brain Teasers with Answers for Kids: This contains simple quick Maths brain teasers which kids will love to solve.
  3. Math Circle Brain Teasers with Answers for Teens & Adults: These are Maths Circle Brain Teasers in which your challenge is to find the missing number in the Circle.
  4. Guess the Word Puzzles and Riddles with answers: At last, it contains English word brain teasers in which you have to guess the given word for which hints are given in the puzzle question.

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