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Word Search Game

In this Word Search Game, one has to find given words in the grid of letters. Words can be found in any directions i.e. horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This Word Search Game is having very  large collection of word search games. One can fully customizable look and feel of this game.  Simply find all the words from the list as fast as possible! Your score depends on your speed.

Online Chess Against Computer

When I was kids, I never thought that one day I will be playing the chess against computer more than with my friends. Moreover it is not easy to checkmate computer. With this chess game you can practice your chess moves and learn how to get even the most experienced chess opponent trapped into a checkmate!
In this game there are three different levels to be played. One can also select whether one wants to play with White or Black pieces.

WordCross 1

WordCross is a classic crossword word search puzzle. WordCross is word search puzzle, where one has to find the given words in the grid of letters. Words can be found diagonally, horizontally or vertically in any directions. Faster you find the words, more you score. Every time new arrangement of words is done in the grid. Faster you find words, more your score. To mark the word in grid, press on the letter and drag it to select. This is first one in WordCross series. Soon next series will be published soon.

Hidden Words

Hidden Words is word search game with more than 25 categories. One has to find the given words in the grid of letters. Words can be found horizontally, vertically or diagonally i.e. in all the possible directions.
One can also customize the look and feel of the setup.

Antique WordSearch

In this "Antique WordSearch" game one has to find the given words in the grid. Word Grid will contain letters and one has to find Antique words given on the right of the grid in this. This is timed puzzle game. Faster you find the words, more you score. 
To find out the words, click on the starting letter of the word and drag the cursor over the word and release it on word's last letter. Correct answer will be locked in the list.

Worder: The Master of Words

Worder is excellent game to teach kids about words. Worder is the game which will teach us to become 'The Master of Words'. This is Word Search Game in which one has to make the given word in the grid. One need to connect these letters in order to get points.
One can gets hints if one is not able to find a word or one can also skip the word in case you can stuck and not able to proceed.
Getting more score will help you unlock books which will tell you very interest facts about words.
There are different Powers available to Freeze Time and Doubling your score. You can use it during your Worder Play.

Wacky WordSearch

Find all the words before time runs out. Remember that the words can be run horizontally, vertically, diagonally and even backwards. Select each word by clicking on the first letter and dragging your mouse along the word. When you reach the end of the word, let up on the mouse button. If you find a word on the list then that word will remain circled and the word will be crossed off the list. It takes a keen eye to find all of them.

Words 5x5

Words 5x5 is a minimalistic word search game. In this game one has to make as many words as possible. In the traditional Word Search Game, one will be given the list of the words to be found in the grid and each word is found in straight line, but in this Words 5x5 game, one can found words even moving diagonally. Each word can be created with 3 to 10 letters with longer words scoring more points. A Star * will appear in case word made is correct and one can try extending this word to make the longer word. Once you create the words these letters will disappear and new letters will be entered in the grid.  Press and hold the left mouse button on the letter and drag your mouse to neighboring letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create a word.

Crossword Mania

Crossword Mania is a Word Search game where one has to find words in the given grid. It is different from typical Word Search games as here there is no words given. Generally in the word search puzzles, Words which can be found on the grid will be given, but in this game one has to use its vocabulary to find different words on the grid. Words can be found in any directions i.e. Left to Right, Up to Down, Diagonally or in the reverse direction also. 
Bigger the words found, more you will score. Also bigger words can completely overlap smaller words e.g. 'SIMPLY' will completely overwrite 'SIM'. One can get score for both if smaller word is make first and then bigger word. 
There are more than 150,000 words to find out and every time a new game is started. You can also change the look of the game.