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Legend of Honor

In a medieval kingdom plagued by war, a fierce battle is raging. For centuries, three opposing factions have been fighting for power in this chaotic world. They demand nothing less than loyalty until death from their subjects. Who is ready to make a name for themselves in this kingdom where the battle for glory and honor defines the course of time, and death is omnipresent? Weaklings will have no place to hide. No age has ever called for such brave heroes - and the bravest among them will become the legends whose names survive for millennia to come. Legends of Honor is an MMO strategy browser game developed and provided by Goodgame Studios. The freeto-play title set in a medieval land stands out due to its clear focus on fast, tactical, and diverse gameplay. In addition to the classic strengths of the genre, Legends of Honor also features elements of role-play and real-time strategy. The player‘s task is to continuously build up their fortress and expand their rule. To do this, they pr…

Goodgame Empire

Build your own empire, expand it and defend it against other players. Over 50 million gamers are playing Goodgame Empire worldwide. The online strategy game won the public choice European Games Award in the best browser game category in 2014 for the second time running. Clever diplomacy, the right battle strategy and strong alliances with other players help your empire to grow and thrive. Regular updates, expansions and events guarantee dynamic gaming fun for months on end. Join this huge community and rule your own empire in Goodgame Empire. Goodgame Empire is an MMO strategy browser game and is developed and operated by Goodgame Studios. The free-to-play title can be played completely free of charge. Users can unlock extra functions by purchasing premium currency. The player‘s task is to build up a small fortress and expand their rule in all of the four kingdoms. The three key elements of the game are organizing an efficient economic cycle, creating a powerful army, and joining other…

Big Farm by Goodgame

Farmer George has left you his farm, but it's not a pretty sight. Use economic wisdom and help from your neighbors, family and friends to turn the overgrown plot of land back into a beautiful, flourishing farm. Plant the right crops, process your harvest, care for your animals and make sure your workers are happy - that's how you run a successful farm. The player‘s task is to continually build up their small plot into an impressive farm. The game focuses on establishing a complex economic cycle that encompasses everything from growing simple crops to breeding pigs. By selling their goods, players earn money to buy production materials, buildings, and decorations. As part of a cooperative, the player can communicate with others, offer help, and work together to complete projects. More farms are unlocked over the course of the game.