1+2=3 Pandas?-Mathematical Game

1+2=3 Pandas?-Mathematical Game
Our friendly panda is in love with simple computation and mathematical calculation. All you need to do is pick and tap on a right answer. Panda is about to show you one table with numbers and three answers to choose, playing puzzle games online. Now it is your turn to do sums and react quickly! Add and subtract to choose a right value, if you miss - panda starts to weep bitterly. Don't let it feel distressed and always give a right answer in puzzle games online!
How to Play 1+2=3 Panda?
This is a easy Maths Puzzle Game. In this you will be given a very simple Maths equation which you have to solve quickly. The answer of this maths equation will be either 1, 2 or 3 and these three choices will be given below the equation. You have to solve the equation and then click on the answer as quickly as possible as you will be given very less time to solve this. 
Lets see how many levels can you solve in this fun Maths Game?

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