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Count the Sheep II (Math Game)

How good are you in counting. If you think, you can good, then try playing this counting game from Novel Games. This game will not only test your counting skills but also your memory as well as multitasking abilities. Aim of this game is to count the number of sheep which left in the house. When the game starts sheep will go in the house and some will stating coming out of house. Your task is to keep track of sheep going inside house and coming outside house. It will test you multitasking skills. You also have to remember the count of sheep remaining in the house. It will test your Memory. If you make mistake in counting it, your game will be immediately over.

Stationery Game

How good are your observation skills? Let's test your visual skills as well as alertness with this Stationery Brain Training Game. In this game there will be a hole and items will be shown moving behind the hole. You need to determine which item it is by looking at the partially obscured item and you need to do so as quickly as possible in order to score high marks.

Hourglass Problem (Brain Teaser)

Here is famous Hourglass brain teaser puzzles game from Novel Games. In this game you are given a Brain Teaser to calculate the given time using the hourglasses. These hourglasses can measure 7 minutes and 11 minutes. Using these hourglasses you have to solve two problems. In one game your have to measure 15 minutes and in other game you have to measure 24 minutes. 
Lets see if you can solve this Hourglass Brain Teaser puzzle in minimum time.

Math Lines Game

In this game from "Novel Games" balls will move on a concentric circle which ends in a hole. These balls will have a number on it. You will be provided a gun in the center, which you can control with Mouse of your computer. Your gun will fire balls which again will contain number written on it. You target is to shoot your ball at the ball so that your number when added to your target's number it sums 10.  Once the sum is 10, target ball will disappear and you will score some points. Faster you will  make balls disappear more you will score. You game will end once the balls are able to reach hole at the end of the line.