Multiplayer Aeroplane Race Game

Play the Aeroplane Race Game with your family and friends
Prepare to soar above the sky as you participate in the exciting Aeroplane Race Game! Your goal in this 4-player game is to move all your planes to the destination before your opponents do so. You and your opponents will be assigned a set of 4 coloured pieces, and all players will take turns to roll a die and make the available moves accordingly. You need to first move your pieces from the airport ramp to the starting position indicated by an arrow. During your turn, click the button on the screen to roll the die, and if an even number is rolled, you can click to choose one of your planes so that it can be moved to the starting position. If a 6 is rolled, you will be granted an extra roll. When a plane is located at the starting position, you can move it onto the board according to the roll. Note that you must finish your moves within the given time limit, as indicated by the timer on the screen, or you will lose. Your planes need to move in the counterclockwise direction around the board once, then move up the route of your colour and arrive at the destination in the middle of the board. If your plane lands on a block of the same color, it can move 4 more steps forward. If your plane lands on the block with a dotted flying route of the same color, it can fly to the opposite block. If your plane lands on a block currently occupied by other planes of yours, the planes will stack and can be moved together as a group. Note that if the number of planes in your stack is greater than that in an opponent stack behind your stack, the route of the opponent stack will be blocked and those opponent planes will not be allowed to fly over your stack. But if a stack of opponent planes lands on a block currently occupied by your planes, and that opponent stack contains the same number of or more planes than your stack, your planes will be crashed and must move back to the airport ramp to start again. Also, be careful when your planes are moving up the route of your colour to the destination; when they are located on the spot which is cut across by a dotted flying route of an opponent, they will be crashed and moved back to the airport ramp when an opponent plane flies across the route. For a plane to arrive at the destination, an exact throw is required. If the number rolled is higher than the required number, the plane will bounce back from the destination according to the extra numbers. Can you rise above everyone else and reach the throne?

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